“Backstage with Bill” competition!

Working with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, we’re giving a handful of young (under 30) people in Australia the chance to talk with Bill for about 40 minutes before each of his Do the Maths events.

Given Bill’s a busy guy, the opportunity will only be available to up to 6 people in each city so we’ve come up with a fun process for selecting the lucky few.

To be in the running, you’ll need to convince us of why fossil fuel divestment* is a stellar strategy for tackling climate change’s terrifying maths.

Entries will be judged according to their:
• clarity
• persuasiveness
• creativity
• originality

You can use whatever media takes your fancy as long as you stick to these guidelines:

Written pieces (e.g. short stories, articles, essays)
o Submission format: pdf or word document
o Length: up to 800 words
o Submission format: youtube or vimeo link
o Length: up to 5 minutes
o Submission format: mp3 file or upload to soundcloud, bandcamp or similar
o Length: up to 3 minutes
Artwork (e.g. photography, drawings, paintings, cartoons, collages)
o Submission format: scanned pdf or jpg
o Size: up to A2

If your preferred medium is not listed above, drop us a line at backstagewithbill (at) aycc (dot) org (dot) au. Only one entry in one medium will be accepted per applicant.

A judging panel will select the best entries from each city and we’ll upload them to an online gallery on the Do the Maths website. Winners will also have their entry fee waived.

Submit your entry:
• attached to an email to backstagewithbill (at) aycc (dot) org (dot) au;
• with your name, age, occupation and the city in which you’ll be attending Bill’s talk;
• by no later than 5pm Friday the 24th of May.

Good luck!

*Fossil fuel divestment campaigns, like 350.org is running already in the USA are campaigns to get organisations, governments and individuals to stop investing in fossil fuel companies.