“Do the Maths” film screenings

As we gear up for Bill McKibben’s “Do the Maths” tour here in Australia in June, our friends in the United States have released an epic film building on Bill’s tour across 21 cities in the US last November.

Do the Maths trailer

Do the Maths trailer

After its success in the US, this film about the emerging climate movement is going global.

There is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from the film, but importantly, it also shows the kind of momentum and movement that Bill’s visit gives us the opportunity to build here in Australia.

That’s why on 16 May we’re inviting people around Australia (and the world) to host screenings of the film inviting their friends, families and colleagues in their homes, cinema or at local community centres. Most importantly, we need your help to use these screenings as a chance to promote the live Do the Maths events in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane in June.

Click here to learn more and host a movie screening on 16 May, 2013.

There are already film screenings lined up that you can get tickets to in Sydney and Melbourne.