Australia and New Zealand: The New Frontiers of Divestment and Maths

Just yesterday, Bill McKibben was announced as this year’s recipient of the Sophie Prize for his work in “building a social movement to preserve a sustainable planet.” In receiving it, he joins the ranks of legends like Wangari Maathai, James Hansen, and Sheila Watt Cloutier. Meanwhile, Bill is about to start a two week tour of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, bringing his Do the Maths message Downunder. Before he even lands in Australia, the Australian Coal Association has come out biting at his ankles…

“Foreigners coming to Australia to campaign against our national economy can do a lot of damage if their claims go unchallenged” – wrote the Australian Coal Association (ACA) in The Australian last month, attacking Bill McKibben in advance of his Do the Maths Australia tour.

The tour begins on Monday, and the ACA is doing its best to discredit and rubbish Bill McKibben, but they’re nervous and full of bumbling attacks.

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